What you should want to know about

  • Do you want to know more about Essential Oils ?
  • Are you interested in related products  that are great resources or handy to have?
  • Are you interested in any reference books or trainings to educate yourself and others?

The products below are ones I really recommend. PLEASE CLICK ON THE PICTURE FOR MORE DETAILS.

DoTERRA’s Lotus Diffuser. Stylish in any room or office

USB Car Diffuser for Essential Oils. Get on the road and get in the mood!

Set the # of hours you want to enjoy your oils! For 1 – 4 hours of aroma’s.

DoTERRA Aroma Lite Diffuser. Powerful and Elegant. For up to 8 hours aroma’s

The best resource on Essential Oils and Ailments. A must have.

Quick reference resource! Handy cards to hand out as a gift for new contacts.