What is an Essential Oil?

Why dōTERRA?

Ready for Anything

A case study

VanderBilt University Hospital

Bringing Essentials Oils to probably the most stressful workplace… the ER. And the positive effect wasn’t exclusive to the hard working professionals…

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Cutting down on opioids!

Henderson Hospital

There is an opioid epidemic in the US. Too many people have maybe to easy access to painkillers. But there is an alternative that isn’t addictive and at the same time: effective!

Cardemon in Guatemala: Sourcing with social impact

Operation Underground Railroad & DoTERRA: Supporting the women who are victimised by Human Trafficking


In 2012, the Healing Hands Foundation made a legacy donation of $100,000 to Mentors International. With that donation, Mentors funded a new microlending program in the northern city of Piura, Peru. The donation funded nine community banks, and 90 participants in the microcredit program. The participants’ stories are both fascinating, inspirational, and evidence that 100% of your donations to the Healing Hands Foundation are making a difference around the world.