The easiest way of introducing your team to Essential Oils is Starting Small… Starting Smart!

Start diffusing oils in your offices, meeting rooms, at the reception area or canteen. Add 3-5 drops of the preferred oil (s) in the diffuser and go from there. There isn’t anything complicated to it. Allow your employees to discover the oils they prefer. Ideally… measure the ‘ist’ situation (perceived stress, capability to live to their potential, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, … etc) , work with the oils for at least a month…and do the survey again. Evaluate results… and built from there!


Some of the favorite oils from people all over the world:

Uplifting Blend with a touch of XMas spirit: Respiratory Blend & Protective Blend: refreshes your room, keeps the bugs out when people are sniffing and brings in the warmth of Clove and Orange.

Start of Day: Peppermint & Wild Orange

Inspire: Lemon, Cedarwood & Eucalyptus

Energize: Joyful Blend

Balanced State of Mind: Focus Blend

Sound asleep: Cedarwood & Serenity

Wake up Boost (during long meetings/ presentations): Peppermint


When there is so much to choose from… where do you start?

DoTERRA has so many oils to choose from, all with different benefits to different people. It can be very difficult to know which oils to start with especially when you a new to it.

So… depending on your budget, there are a number of kits you can choose from to make life easier. And… even better: you can save money when ordering a kit! :). Depending on which part of the world you are these kits might differ. Download the pdf’s for more information.

Take a leap of faith and start with a selection of oils.


A Business in a Business

DoTERRA was introduced to The Netherlands by an entrepreneur who ‘incidentally’ bumped into DoTERRA. At the time Frank was in the process of selling his company and could only work part-time on his DoTERRA mission. Rest is history: In less than 3 years time over 6000 local people were introduced to these beautiful Essential Oils. Being busy as an entrepreneur is no excuse of not ‘doing’ DoTERRA. 🙂

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