The power of AROMA TOUCH

DoTERRA’s AROMA TOUCH: The power of Aroma’s

DoTERRA developed the Aroma Touch kit, a series of Essential Oils that all by itself have a unique impact on our wellbeing and wellness. The Aroma Touch kit is a gift for anyone who enjoys the touch of a massage… with the added value of powerful essential oils aroma’s. It has an impact on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Working to support our immune system , helping us to deal with stress, removing toxic waste from our bodies and re-balancing our nerve system. It’s even applied for horses… to help them recover after a match or just as a regular treatment. Read more

A Wart to Battle_Dogs and Essential Oils

Treatment of a wart Dogs and Essential Oils: Helping a Golden Retriever Ever wondered if Essential Oils can beat a wart? Meet this young dog, a Golden Retriever. She was seen by a vet after 3 months walking around with a growing wart on the cheek. The wart was growing and when touched, bleeding and leaving stains. As an […]