DoTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing: Spikenard from Nepal

 DoTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing, Spikenard – Nepal

Taking care of nature, the plants and the people.  Sourcing a beautiful essential oil Spikenard in the very North of Nepal creates a win-win for all involved. It’s an area where the poorest people of Nepal live, with hardly any ways of building a future. With DoTERRA helping, training and supporting the local community to source the Spikenard in a sustainable way, the future of these people will change.




Spikenard is often referred to as ‘Jesus oil’ as it was used to anoint the feet of Jesus before the last supper. Conditions that might benefit from the use of Spikenard include heart arrhythmias, skin conditions, wounds requiring regeneration of the skin, nervous tension and stimulation of the immune system.