International Women’s day: Creating an impact

International Women’s Day  is a day to celebrate! Employees, volunteers and doTERRA Wellness Advocates, independent direct-sales distributors, from doTERRA and Days for Girls have come together to assemble 1500 feminine hygiene kits that will be distributed to women throughout the world who do not have access to feminine hygiene products and are not educated in basic hygiene.

  • Young women in developing countries miss weeks of school during their menstrual cycle.
  • Some women must sit on cardboard or use leaves, newspaper, cornhusks, or anything they can find during their menstrual cycle because they do not have access to feminine hygiene supplies
  • Many women in developing countries need to be educated on basic hygiene and are unaware of the basics of the menstrual cycle. Education empowers these women and helps them understand they can avoid unplanned pregnancy even as young as 14 years old.

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