Essential oils for cats…Do or Don’t?

Essential oils for cats… A DO or DON’t?

I get many questions on the use of essential oils for cats. Since we all love these beautiful creatures and want the best for them.

There are a lot of people saying it’s not safe to use them on cats… while other people say it can be done… with the right precautions!

Looking for natural alternatives for our own health… it’s only natural to look for natural ways to keep our pets happy and fit. We want the best for them. And when you go to the shops… there are so many pet products that one way or the other might have some essential oils as an ingredient in it. Think of shampoo, flee repellent… Important thing to keep in mind: I would never ever give my cats an essential oil to consume! Never! And when I do want to use a specific oil for my cats… I will always dilute it (5%). And observe how the cats take it!

Knowledge is King

It’s pretty confusing to know what to do… and how to do it! The good thing is… there are some great basis to go back to. Who have the knowhow and expertise to tell us what’s wise to do. And what not!

The Tisserand Institute has written an article on this topic. I happily refer to their article!

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