The Essential Oil Boobytrap! Be aware of it!

The essential oil boobytrap. Be aware of it… because it’s sneaking up on you!

I am one of those people  – once enthusiastic about something-who want to let the whole world know about it. Same with essential oils! Since I started using them and studied them… everywhere I went, anyone who I spoke to… I saw endless opportunities to help those people and their pets with their health issues! And guess what… it almost costed me some close friendships! And it was me who set up the boobytrap… without realizing what was happening!

It’s not for everything! It’s not for everyone!

I know… I am a pretty realistic & down to earth person. I am not that person who believes that essential oils ‘cure’ everything! And that they do it instantly… just one drop of essential oil… and your health issue disappears as snow for the sun…. if only that could be true! As with regular medicine/ health care… things do take time! In my experience people have travelled a long way to find a solution to their health issues before they start thinking the possibilities of essential oils. And I understand. I was the same… in the beginning. And now I have completely turned around. When possible… my first choice is to go for essential oils. I want to do it ‘my way’… having said so… I still go to my MD or to the veterinarian when I am not sure how to cope with whatever is going on.

Being ‘into the oils’ for over 2 years now I think I can say safely that I am becoming more and more an expert in this field. Both for humans as for our pets (dogs, cats, horses). I am inquisitive by nature… so whenever I hear something about someone struggling with health issues… I want to help them out! That’s just who I am… helping out is my second nature. It’s both a blessing as a pitfall. Because sometimes I find people crossing my path that just don’t want to be helped… or helped by me! And there are also people who do want to be helped… but are not necessarily interested in essential oils as a solution! And it took me a while… and some hints from a close friend… before I realized that! My brains just go off when I hear about health issues… What could be a solution? How would I go around it? Which oils can be used? It can be pretty busy in the back of my mind 🙂

And I began to interfere in the discussion… “Have you thought about….”? It was thanks to the relationship I had with them that they didn’t tell me off… but I was close to it to happen… very close… I had created my own booby-trap!

Because… guess what?! Not all people are interested in solutions I (and you) might see for them! Not everyone can hear what you are saying… not even when they understand that you are coming from the right place and with the best intentions! And honestly… are you waiting for advice you didn’t ask for? I know I am not! 🙂

Oil addicts and non-oil addicts: tips to enjoy each other’s company!

Think before you speak

For the essential oils addicts (as I am): just know not everyone is waiting for your wisdom or solution. Some people just aren’t sure if you are coming from the right place when talking to them because they know you make money by getting them interested in the essential oils. And that is ok. As long as you are open about it. They need to trust you first, get to know and like you as a person first… and then they might be interested in what you have to say about an oil for their issues. Don’t promise them the world… because as powerful as the oils are… they are not a solution to everything!

Different planets

If you are even remotely like I am and love your oils, be aware that the person you are talking to is not at the same place! And they might not even be interested in what you are telling them. And that is ok. Just ask them if they are interested to hear how you would go around their health issue and if they would be interested to find out more about it. And then… shut your mouth! You have done what you needed to do… now it’s up to them! Give them space…. give them time! They might come back to you… or not! Whatever the outcome, it’s their choice.

Don’t take it personally

When people in general, but especially your friends and beloved ones are just (right now) not interested in your solution and just want to ventilate their problem )without any expectations from you to help to solve it)… accept it as it is. Don’t take their ‘no’ personally. It has nothing to do with you. Sometimes a listening ear is the best solution for them. Also… when they do ask for your opinion or a way out… that does not necessarily mean they will follow your advise. Also in this case… don’t take it personally. In my experience… they will come back to you when they are ready to try! Their ‘no’ isn’t a ‘no’ to you… it’s a no to your solution. That’s all there is.

We all react different

The impact of essential oils can be huge! I have seen both people and animals react instantly… releasing whatever emotion was needed to release. Instant trust! Instant surrendering!

Some oils I love, some oils I don’t. I am not very keen on Lavender… just not a fan of the scent, where other people just love it! We all respond differently. When I have severe backpain I love my mix of Lemongrass, Frankincense and Marjoram. I know from my own experience that it helps. But it doesn’t work the same for all of us. Essential oils are not a ‘one size fits all’. Sometimes we just need to do some more research, try a different oil, maybe try again, to help the person with their issue. And that’s just how it is. Good to understand this yourself… good if the people you want to help realize this as well!

Communication is key

Just because you are not familiar with the oils or just not a fan of them… just realize the person in front of you has your best interest at heart! If you are not open for it… let them know. If it didn’t work for you… let them know. If you feel you are being pushed in a way that’s not where you want to go… let them know. We are just now aware of what’s really going on in the mind of the other person. Communication is key! Don’t let your feelings of being uneasy with it come in the way of the relationship you have.  I truly belief it’s a 2 way street. Oil fan or not… no one of us is able to know what the other person really thinks or feels. So… talk to each other!

Bonding happens on common grounds

How do you bridge your world to that of the other person? I sometimes find myself struggling with this question. For some reason every now and then I meet people who are very much interested in themselves and not so much interested in other people. Do I want to hang around with them? No!

Luckily… when it comes to friendships that isn’t so much the case. But even then I am not always able to understand the world my friend(s) are moving in and keeping them busy. I find that sincerely being interested in the other person helps, asking questions and listening to their answers. Sometime we have strong discussions because we have opposite opinions. Guess what!? That’s great… you don’t want everyone to agree with you, even when they don’t! Be honest. Be vulnerable. Connect. Be critical even… Open up your heart!    Invite each other to common grounds. Agree you can disagree… and still love the other person!

Life around you is a mirror

I am grateful to the person who mirrored my behavior and stopped me in the act!

She knows me… she trusts me… and she had the courage and love to show me what was happening! We understand each other without words… she can tell when in the back of my mind there is this sentence talking to me ” There is an oil for that”…  The good thing is… I know when to smile… and let go of it!

Sometimes it’s your pet that tells you that the oil solution you thought would help it isn’t doing it for him at that moment. We just have to learn to listen en watch without expectations… and really see what’s in front of us. When we look closely… listen silently… they are our biggest teachers!

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