The power of AROMA TOUCH

DoTERRA’s AROMA TOUCH: The power of Aroma’s

DoTERRA developed the Aroma Touch kit, a series of Essential Oils that all by itself have a unique impact on our wellbeing and wellness. The Aroma Touch kit is a gift for anyone who enjoys the touch of a massage… with the added value of powerful essential oils aroma’s. It has an impact on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Working to support our immune system , helping us to deal with stress, removing toxic waste from our bodies and re-balancing our nerve system. It’s even applied for horses… to help them recover after a match or just as a regular treatment.

Aroma Touch and Alzheimer’s

When elderly people sometimes get lost in their memories… or just lost in life due to Alzheimer or dementia… the use of a fragrancy can help them in the most beautiful and sometimes unexpected ways. Smell is a very important sense for all of us. Food tastes better when we can also inhale the aroma’s of the things we eat. You can try it yourself how much it differs… try to eat a jelly bean with your nose closed…. and with your nose open! Weird isn’t it, how much difference it has?

There are nurseries where each corridor has is own special aroma to it… so people with Alzheimer just know how to find their way around, even though they don’t really recognize the place anymore. Smell is just so powerful! And so is touch!

Receiving the massage is a treat… giving it maybe even more! So why not combining the two for an unbelievable experience that benefits both! 🙂

This video shows how the Aroma Touch essential oils are meaningful in an unexpected way… You have to watch it on DoTERRA International due to privacy settings… I can really recommend it to you! Get inspired… get touched! And try out these oils! Give yourself… and your beloved ones a gift from the earth!

Meaningful uses of DoTERRA’s Aroma Touch

Meaningful Uses for the dōTERRA AromaTouch Hand Technique from dōTERRA International on Vimeo.

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