Testimonial: Essential oils in real life!

People from all walks of life discover the effect Essential Oils have on their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. At home or at the workplace. A happy person is more productive and better equiped to do the job. The stories below are real life examples. Every testimonial comes straight from the source.

Mother Nature doing business

Below are examples of people who have used Essential Oils. Either in their offices and/or at home. For themselves or their (team/family) members. Or even for their pets!

So there are also stories of the effect the oils have on animals, like dogs and horses. When it comes to our pets and Essential Oils, they don’t have a bias. Their recovery from any ailment while using Essential Oils is just the result of Mother Nature at her best!

Please be aware that working with Essential Oils isn’t a replacement to visit a medical professional. See also our Disclaimer.

This one is one of my favorite experiences and the one I like to tell to everyone!

Earlier this year I was asked to present for a group of entrepreneurs as part of their growth program. For me it was the first opportunity to work with a group with the Essential Oils. Being the first in the room, I placed a diffuser with Peppermint (refreshing) and Wild Orange (energizing) … and overdosed it! 🙂 I forgot the most important message when working with Essential Oils: LESS IS MORE!

So… when the entrepreneurs entered the room, one of them noticed immediately that his eyes were tearing, being overwhelmed with the peppermint aroma in the room. Luckily I heard him mentioning this and immediately switched of the diffuser and opened a window. That’s a lesson never to forget!

H. den HaanBusiness Owner

My wife used to bring aroma candle in the home to create a nice environment. But for me it wasn’t so nice since I always ended up with a headache. Just couldn’t stand the chemical smell of the candles. Today she uses a diffuser with some Essential Oils… good news is: NO more headaches! The house smells nice and with the oils she brings all of us in a great mood!

B. Peters

Working with kids with ADHD  can be a challenge. With permission from the parents and schoolboard I have placed a diffuser in the classroom with some Essential Oils, like Lavender, Serenity and Wild Orange and others. It has changed the total atmosphere in the room! 🙂 More focus, concentration and attention to what’s needed to be done!

One of the kids is appointed ‘Chief in Oils” and chooses every morning which oil’s used for the day. We rotate this role every month so everybody gets a chance to ‘influence’ the day. Very happy with the end result!


Proof of the pudding…

Whoohoo.. my first oil-success at work!

I work in a nursery home with people with dementia. And last night I was working an evening/night shift. It might have been my instinct… or just me being pig headed, but I decided to bring my diffuser and some oils to work to try them out in the general living or in one of the apartments.

Once arrived I found out we were understaffed. An other colleague had to rush off home due to family circumstances. So there were just me and a temporary colleague in charge of two floors.

Eureka! It took me a few minutes before I realized this was my ‘oil’ moment! I placed the diffuser in the living with some drops of Serenity. I dimmed the lights, gave the residents something to drink and turned on the radio. Some of the other residents wanted to watch the football so we left them with the TV in the other living.

Normally at the end of the afternoon, early evening, our residents become more and more agitated / restless. They want to go home, need to run to get the train, wander around looking for the exit. Or just call for attention because they feel they missed their meal. But this time… serene silence! The lady that wanders miles every night, looking for the exit, was now just sitting in an easy chair reading a book. An other lady, normally calling whole night through was quiet and pleasantly present. There was this ultimate rest and peace… and I have to admit, this had a similar effect on me and my colleague!

Normally, being understaffed like this at nights? This had to be a hectic and chaotic night. But with the diffuser running… everyone felt at ease and peace! It ‘s been a long time since we were able to work with in such a good spirit, focussed and relaxed!

Hope this will find it’s follow up with management… I haven’t worked with so much pleasure in a long time! And the effect on the residents??!! Yes… this needs to be continued! 

E. van der WerfNurse

Our Golden Retriever got out of the blue a huge wart on her cheek that was bleeding easily and growing fast. Visiting the vet didn’t bring the desired result. After some research we decided to add Frankincense on the wart and supported her immune system adding OnGuard to her food. In a few days the wart was gone!

M. Oenema