An oil for every mood!

Throughout history, Essential Oils have been found to trigger responses that can alter mood. Using pure Essential Oils, comprehensive research, and scientifically formulated blends, dōTERRA® has created the dōTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy™ System to provide users with unique emotional health benefits.


While diffusing any of the Essential Oils at home or in the office… experience the positive impact on both you, your team members and your customers!

Empower & Stand out!

A smell can trigger our emotions even before we realize. Want to change your mood… or of your team?

Motivate: an Encouraging Blend.

Helps promote feelings of confidence, courage, and belief. When trying to foster creativity, counteract emotions of doubt, or regain confidence, doTERRA Motivate will help you get the job done.

Cheer: an Uplifting Blend

Avoiding discouragement and negative emotions can often feel impossible—even with a can-do attitude or optimistic outlook. Like a ray of sunshine, doTERRA Cheer Uplifting Blend can help dispel heavy emotions by providing a positivity boost using a fresh, bright aroma that promotes feelings of optimism and cheerfulness.

The chemical makeup of doTERRA Cheer  promote uplifting and warming feelings. It’s has an energizing element, helping to incite feelings of optimism. When happiness and positivity are in short supply, Cheer is waiting to brighten and invigorate your mood

Passion: an Inspiring Blend

When life starts to feel stale and predictable, we often lose our vigor, purpose, and passion for living. Looking to revive enthusiasm for your current circumstances, or reach beyond your comfort zone? Get the extra spark necessary to rekindle the flame of excitement in your life.

These chemical components allow the user to benefit from warming and rejuvenating properties. If it is time to extinguish feelings of boredom and disinterest and ignite your creative, innovative, and daring side, doTERRA Passion will boldly lead the way to a renewed, purposeful life.

Forgive: a Renewing Blend

Don’t live a life of contentment when feelings of anger, betrayal, guilt, and negativity hang like a dark cloud over your head. These emotions often lead to excess stress and can dampen any effort to achieve feelings of peace or forgiveness. This Renewing Blend is an encouraging companion that will help you remember to let go and keep moving forward.

This Renewing Blend help balance the emotions in situations of stress or frustration. Step closer to achieving the liberating feeling of forgiving, thus inviting feelings of peace and contentment to replace the negative emotions that once ruled your life

Console: a Comforting Blend

Hidden sorrows and overwhelming grief wear on the soul. Leaving us feeling hopeless and melancholic. Sadness can become all-consuming and affect well-being if we let it. This Blend works to engender feelings of comfort. Wrap yourself in an essential oil “hug” of floral and tree scents.

Counteract negative emotions related to sadness, renew hope. Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? Coping with the pain of disappointment? Do you just need the strength to carry your burdens for one more day? Bring an extra dose of emotional strength to your day with Console.

Peace: a Reassuring Blend

When feeling fear and anxious, we seek for peace and reassurance. It can be difficult to remain calm and composed in our hectic, unpredictable lives. This Reassuring Blend provides an escape from discontent and worry.

This blend help promote feelings of balance and reassurance in times of distress. Inhale the positive, comforting aroma and exhale crippling emotions like fear and worry. Regain your composure and face the future with reassurance and stability.