A short introduction

When you are out of your comfort zone… you’ll find your gems!

The Smell of Success is for you…?

Ready to change your lifestyle to a natural & holistic approach? To shake off the stress and anxiety without the need of OTC medicines?

Ready to boost your team, increase employee & customer satisfaction… one drop at the time?

Ready to create a residual income from home? And improve your health and the one’s of your family or team members?

Ready to take charge of your wellness and wellbeing? Without any side effects… in a quick and natural way?

Can YOU bring positivity and optimism in your life? And have a similar impact on the lives around you? YES YOU CAN! This is what you’ll find here.

The Smell of Success is all about creating a positive (working) environment. In a way that has an impact on both health and wealth. For yourself… and for the people that make it happen for you.


Is YOU… and your health!

For years I tried to manage my health with pharmaceuticals. As an entrepreneur there was just no time of giving up on my clients. Even when the workload was almost too much to handle… I just did what I thought was needed. To get the job done. At any cost. Sounds familiar?

Dealing with health issues? My first way to go was my medicine cabinet. Anything would do, just to kill the pain. Also for my pets traditional medicines seemed the most logical way to go.

But these over the counter (OTC) products and medicines subscribed by professionals… they all have side effects.

And sometimes these medicines make you even more sick. Or even cause death…

I was introduced to Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. I have seen the effect is has on people and animals. WITHOUT side effects! It turned my vision around on health and wellbeing.

And now it’s your turn!

Today I live a almost pain-free life most of the time. Change of lifestyle and Essential Oils are my ‘prescription’ for feeling fit, alive and kicking! 🙂

I have seen the impact of Essential Oils on

  • reducing stress,
  • supporting people dealing with emotions,
  • in balancing classrooms full of kids with ADHD for example,
  • in lifting up the energy in long meetings,
  • in reducing allergies (both with humans and horses)
  • and many more real life examples.

Can you imagine what a good night sleep does for people who just don’t make enough hours sleeping… getting up in the morning feeling even more exhausted?

Can you imagine how sleep deprivation impacts performance, wellness and wellbeing and safety at work?

When your health is involved … and the health of your organization…you go for the best!

And DoTERRA in my opinion is the best. It’s the fastest growing Essential Oils company worldwide and a top 10 Employer according to Forbes. That counts for something, right? Over 3 million people are using DoTERRA Essential Oils worldwide.

So, why aren’t you?

Over 30 years I have helped CEO’s and organizations with their growth ambitions.

Through change management and business succession. I learned that sometimes the less obvious way or intervention brings massive results!

I am a connector. An optimist. And I am Dutch… so also very down to earth. 🙂

It’s not about ‘out of the box’ thinking… it’s about ‘out of your comfort zone acting!’

I believe in opportunities and possibilities. In choices.  I believe the impossible can be possible. And “Out of the Comfort zone” thinking and acting is sometimes the wisest decision.

Essential Oils are for many of us the ‘out of the comfort zone’ strategy because it’s considered ‘fluffy’ stuff that doesn’t work.

In all honesty… I was like that as well. But I have experienced the effect of Essential Oils on my health. And I have seen many positive examples both in organizations as on an individual level. And with all research done over the years… there isn’t that much ‘fluffy’ about it.

Don’t take my word for it, don’t believe anything I say… just take a leap of faith and find out for yourself!

My mission …

Is to hook-up companies and individuals with Essential Oils.

When stress alone kills about 120.000 people in the US per year…

When sleep deprivation can cause accidents or depression…

When sleep deprivation can reduce productivity and lowers feeling of wellbeing?



Workplace wellness benefits both employer as employee, on a physical, emotional and mental level. It’s no coincidence that Essential Oils have an impact on all these three levels! And the great news is… it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg!

There are so many ways these oils can impact your wellness and wellbeing! And… for those who are looking for residual income?

DoTERRA might just be the answer for you. COME ON BOARD! Let’s make it happen together!